INTERVIEW – Smash Pages

I’m taking all these disparate elements about the foundation of Rome and spinning it in my own Kid Beowulf fashion. For me that’s looking at the relationship between Romulus and Remus and how that mirrors Beowulf and Grendel. And then throwing in sword and sandals elements as a nod to those great movies like Spartacus and Gladiator. If you’re going to go to Rome, people want to see some of those elements – or at least, I wanted to play around with those tropes. 

– Alexis Fajardo, Smash Pages Q&A

There’s more to this interview I did recently with Alex Deuben at SMASH PAGES.

PREVIEW – Book Four “The Tarpeian Rock”

In this action-packed graphic novel, twin brothers, Beowulf and Grendel are lost in ancient Italy, trapped as slaves who must fight for their freedom in the gladiatorial games. There in the arena the brothers will battle fearsome warriors, deadly beasts, and meet another pair of twins, Romulus and Remus. It all leads to the founding of the world’s most epic city: ROME!

If you’d like to keep reading, then join the adventure on the Patreon page where the story is being released episodically every week. There are currently over 40 chapters (150+ pages) available to read right now! If you prefer to read in issue form digital editions are available on Comixology.

The print edition of The Tarpeian Rock is slated for a Spring 2021 release. If you’d like to get updates please join the mailing list!

Revisit The Song of Roland

Revisit the age of Charlemagne, his Paladins, and The Song of Roland, beginning Monday, April 20th, on GoComics! I’ll be posting the story page-by-page, three days a week in refreshed color by Jose Flores (formerly seen only in the book). The Song of Roland is one of my favorite stories and features characters who I always enjoy spending time with, I hope you do too!

Reviews – The Slings & Arrows Graphic Novel Guide

The most excellent review site, Slings & Arrows has posted a nice review of book three!

“The cartooning is a delight, loose and expressive, with Fajardo really putting in the effort, regularly featuring several people per panel, and frequently as full figures. When needed, he’s great with movement, the cast having a real life to them when in action or running, and Fajardo also gives character to the pig that accompanies Beowulf.”

They have more good things to say and have given high praise to the first trilogy. The crew of Slings & Arrows knows their stuff too as they’ve reviewed over 7500 comics and graphic novels! I especially appreciate their point of view coming from Europe, since many of my own comic influences come from that tradition.

Interview – Blockhead Podcast

I was recently a guest on the excellent podcast BLOCKHEAD – a Peanuts Tribute podcast hosted by cartoonist, professor, and podcaster, Geoff Grogan. I’ve been enjoying Geoff’s podcast since it began earlier this year; he really knows his stuff about comics history and Schulz’s place in it so I was excited to be asked to join him in conversation. We had a ton to talk about and it’s a lively discussion. LISTEN PART 1  LISTEN PART 2



I had a great time chatting comics on a recent edition of Comic Lab (the most excellent podcast about webcomics, hosted by Dave (Drive) Kellett and Brad (Evil Inc.) Guigar.

I’ve been listening to Comic Lab since it began a year or so ago (usually while I’m at the drawing board), so it was a real treat to be a guest. We covered a lot of ground in this episode, from my day job at the Schulz Studio to my night job on Kid Beowulf, to figuring out whether I should do my own patreon or not. Ultimately, Dave and Brad inspired me to relaunch my page, so I’m taking a lot of the suggestions they offered in the episode and putting them into my newly relaunched patreon. Anyway, give the show a listen – it’s a fun one!

Celebrating Snoopy and the Eisner Award

This is some belated news, but worth posting all the same. As some may know, in my other life I am Senior Editor for the Charles M. Schulz Studio. This summer one of the books I co-edited, Celebrating Snoopy, won an Eisner Award for Best Archival Project, Comic Strips! The Eisners are often referred to as “the Oscars of comics” – they are named after the great cartoonist pioneer, Will Eisner and awarded every year at Comic-con International in San Diego. In the comics world getting nominated for an Eisner is a big deal and actually winning one is crazier still.

Celebrating Snoopy was a lovely, over-sized collection of the best of Snoopy through the fifty years of Peanuts. It was published by Andrews McMeel and put together through the hard work of my co-editor Dorothy O’Brien and her team at AMU and my team of assistant editors at the Schulz Studio. If you have the book Celebrating Peanuts 60 Years (which I edited and was published in 2010) then this new collection is the perfect bookend (literally and figuratively).

Here are a few photos from the Eisner Award ceremony which took place on Friday, July 20th. Congratulations again to everyone who helped put this book together and of course, to Charles M. Schulz for creating such a singular character like Snoopy.

The cover for the awards ceremony guide and cheat-sheet

Our book actually got two nominations and had stiff competition!

Back at the Schulz Studio with the award and my assistant editors. L to R: Jason Cooper, Donna Almendrala, Kat Efird, Denis St. John, and Creative Director Paige Braddock. In absentia, assistant editor Nomi Kane.

Me shortly after winning the award and still shell-shocked.

Loki, of course, knew our win was a lock.

PREVIEW – The Rise of El Cid

The third adventure in the Kid Beowulf series, The Rise of El Cid, arrives next month! Below is a preview of the opening scene – this seven-page sneak peek picks up shortly after the events of book two, The Song of Roland. After helping their Uncle Holger and the rest of Charlemagne’s Peers vanquish Ganelon and the Saracens, Beowulf and Grendel become paladins in training…

I hope you enjoyed the preview. If you like to read more, The Rise of El Cid is currently running three days a week at GoComics and you can pick up the story here. You can also pre-order the book here.  And if you are a long-time reader and have read the black and white Kickstarter edition of The Rise of El Cid, then please consider writing a review either at Amazon or Good Reads and tell your friends about it!