Holy Loki! 20 Years?!

I was doing my business taxes a few days ago when it occurred to me that 2023 marks the 20th anniversary of Kid Beowulf! I was surprised because it certainly hasn’t felt like twenty years, but when I sifted through archives of art – the sketchbooks, the pitch packets, the early comics, and all the rest – I saw that 2003 was the year that I began doing Kid Beowulf in earnest.

I self-published the first Kid Beowulf comic book in 2003. I made 250 copies of the book, sold it at shows, and printed more. Honestly, not a lot has changed since then…except the art and the writing, both of which have gotten much better with age. The DNA of that first comic is all there though: twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel, Hama the pig, and the talking sword Nagling, all of them falling into adventure. 

Kid Beowulf Issue #1 published in 2003

Since that first 22 page comic debuted, I’ve drawn over one thousand more pages (yes, I counted!) across comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, storybooks, ebooks, apps, webcomics and more. I’ve gone from self-publishing, to indie publishing, to traditional publishers, and back again. Kid Beowulf has adapted to the ups-and-downs and the ins-and-outs of publishing in the 21st century.

More importantly, I’ve become a better cartoonist and my passion for it hasn’t diminished, it only grows as I get better. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and look forward to the stories yet to come.

So to commemorate twenty years of slinging ink, I’ll open the archives and share some of those first images and stories (follow #KIDB20 on your social channels). I’ll be hitting the road to celebrate at conventions, book fairs, shows, and events (book me for yours!).

And to top it all off, a brand new book is coming its way later this year which we’ll celebrate with a kickstarter. I’m looking forward to all the fun stuff that’s in store for 2023. We may be twenty years into Kid Beowulf but there’s plenty more to come. Stay tuned!

2023 Appearances

Celebrate 20 years of Kid Beowulf in 2023! If you’d like me to appear at your school, bookfair, or convention CONTACT me for details.

LUMACON – January 28th, at Petaluma Community Center, Petaluma CA

San Francisco Writer’s Conference – February 18-19th, San Francisco CA

Peanuts In Publication – March 25th @ 2PM, Schulz Museum

NorthBay Letterpress Arts Workshop – April 6th @ 4PM

PLCAF – Saturday, April 15th, San Mateo CA

Comiciade – Sat & Sun April 22-23, Aachen Germany

Bay Area Book Festival – Sunday, May 7th, Berkeley CA

Launch Day – Boudi’s Bounty

Cover art by Alexis E. Fajardo, colors by Jose Mari Flores.

The newest Kid Beowulf short story, Boudi’s Bounty launches today, right here on the website!

After many adventures on the road, Beowulf and Grendel are finally going home. It’s a bittersweet goodbye when Beowulf says farewell to his traveling companion, friend, (and sweetheart?) Boudi. But Beowulf isn’t the only person whose sights are set on the charming girl – a band of bounty hunters are on her trail and the mysterious secret she carries!

If you’ve been a patron then you’ve seen this story take shape over the last year or so and now it’s finally ready to share. This story is exclusive to patreon backers, all you need to do is login to this website (in the top menu bar) and Episode 1 “Odes & Openings” (pages 1-5) will be available to read. New episodes will drop here on the website every Saturday.

If you are coming to Kid Beowulf for the first time, welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Take a look around the site and enjoy some free stories from the Archive. Now is the perfect time to join the fun on patreon! Being a patron gets you access to exclusive comics like Boudi’s Bounty, brand new monthly comics, behind-the-scenes process material, and it gives you a place to share your love of comics, adventure, mythology, and history – the core ingredients to any Kid Beowulf story!


Pencil and Ink detail from Boudi’s Bounty.

Hey gang, I wanted you to know that I’m hard at work wrapping up production on the newest short story Boudi’s Bounty! While my colorist wraps up the coloring on the last half of the story, I’ve been lettering the first half. It’s coming along nicely and if all goes according to plan I’ll be ready to begin posting the story to patrons at the end of September. In the meantime, I’ll be taking a break from regular posts to focus on finishing the story. Thanks for your patience!