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..and Boudi charges in to her next adventure!

That's the end of Boudi's Bounty, dear patrons, I hope you enjoyed the story. This one clocked in at 70 pages and is one of the longer 'short stories' I've done, but there was a lot to do bridging the gap between Books 3 and 4. Boudi's Bounty has been rolling around in my brain in some form ever since I drew the last page of The Rise of El Cid and the first page of The Tarpeian Rock so it feels good to finally share it with readers.
The ending was set up in such a way that Boudi could go on her own series of adventures with her new companions Emer and Ermlaf (who have become her weird adopted uncles). All three of them have their task to find Beowulf and Grendel, but there will be side tracks along the way, that's just the way stories go. Will Boudi get her own spin-off series; searching for Beowulf, while forever being hunted by her new enemy Quintus and his motley crew of bounty hunters? I don't know, maybe. It's certainly fun to think about.
I am glad to see that Emer and Ermlaf have turned a corner too. It only took three and half books (and a very special girl) for them to evolve but better late than never. And who's to say they've completely abandoned their Heathobard ways, but Boudi will do her best to keep them on the right path. The duo are certainly fun to draw and write for too.
So what happens next?
Now that the digital version of Boudi's Bounty has been released, it's time to start thinking about the print version and next month I'll launch a crowdfunding campaign to get it and all the other short stories I've done over the years to print. The new book is called "Songs & Sagas" and it will collect all five short stories into one lovely package. You can preview the campaign page here and I'll be sure to let you know when it goes live on July 1st. I even have a few special items in store for patrons only who decide to back the project so I hope you'll consider it.
In the meantime, thanks for backing and reading THIS project month-in-and-month-out. Making comics takes a lot of time and effort, so having dedicated readers in your corner can really make all the difference. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Boudi’s Bounty – Pg 70

  1. thanks Lex, I certainly enjoyed reading it and I hope there are many adventures to follow. Beowulf (the epic), has been my inspiration for most of my life, and I love seeing Beowulf and Grendel getting involved in all kinds of other stories

  2. Thanks John, there are plenty more stories where this one came from 😉

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