Tarpeia 3D Sculpt

We’re knee-deep into the Kickstarter month and I wanted to share one of the special reward tiers I developed featuring the hero of book four – Tarpeia! I love creating 3D sculpts of my characters and years ago I worked with sculptor Pam Drucker to create Beowulf, Grendel, and Hama – she did a marvelous job bringing the trio to life.At the time these were done as traditional sculpts, which meant creating a cast out of rubber and pouring resin into the mold. There was a fair amount of sanding and polishing and I had each of these hand-painted too. They turned out great and what few I have are being offered as upper tier rewards on the kickstarter.

In the time since I did these 1st Edition sculpts, 3D printing has come a long way and I wanted to do another sculpt for the newest book using a 3D printer. First though, I had to find a sculptor who could bring Tarpeia to life and I was lucky to find digital sculptor Josh Hall. Once Josh and I synced up on what pose would be best for the sculpt and for printing I worked up a model sheet for Tarpeia and her pal, Pici the woodpecker.

After several rounds of back and forth, fine-tuning and editing the sculpt, we got her where she needed to be. The rendition below is a turnaround of Tarpeia as she’d look printed in gray resin.

When the model prints, it will be printed in pieces that can be painted and fit together. Below is what the “keyed” model looks like and how the pieces fit together.

When put together and painted she would like similar to this fully rendered version Josh did below.

This was a really fun project to work on and I’m excited to offer this as a reward tier on the kickstarter. The Tarpeia 3D Sculpt level gets you the following when you pledge $75 or more to the kickstarter. There is still a long way to go on the campaign so please spread the word and consider pledging if you’d like bring Tarpeia and the graphic novel The Tarpeian Rock to life!