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bbo_spotart_002The InfoDad Review Blog does a monster-filled four-star review of book one!  Read an excerpt below and the full review here.

Beowulf is so resonant that it has not only been translated innumerable times but has also been rewritten, adapted, modernized, updated, interpreted and reinterpreted to such a degree that it would seem hard to find anything new to do with it. Alexis E. Fajardo has, however, figured something out: a story very loosely based on the epic poem, reinterpreting the whole central theme of Beowulf in significant ways, aimed at 21st-century preteens and young teenagers, and packaged as a series of graphic novels. The whole notion could easily have been both silly and depressing, but Fajardo handles it so well that it is merely silly – and in some respects not silly at all. Fajardo makes Beowulf and Grendel into brothers, and yes, that is the silly part, but Fajardo twists the legend enough to make this foundational premise barely plausible and, more importantly, to turn this series into a journey both of geography and of self-knowledge.