I was absolutely blown away while reading this engaging, historical, and fun graphic novel by Alexis E. Fajardo and I was already a big fan from the first two books in the Kid Beowulf series. This book is a self-contained story, but also adds to the ongoing saga of these two main characters. I found myself having to read this book with a computer at my side as I wanted to learn more about what was referenced in the story. This is what makes the book perfect for a classroom as there is so much to learn and it is presented in a highly engaging way. I kept putting in sticky notes with comments and moments that stuck out to me as a social studies teacher. The graphic novel would fit perfectly in a Language Arts or social studies classroom, either as a core text or part of a library.

…and that’s just part of a glowing review from comics scholar, teacher, and author Tim Smyth. Tim is the man behind – an amazing online resource for teachers and librarians interested in bringing comics to their schools and libraries. I highly recommend you check it out.

Tim followed up his review of “The Rise of El Cid” with an interview too!