After sitting down and thinking long and hard about it, I came to the shocking realization that Fajardo likes three-dimensional characters. That shouldn’t be all that shocking, actually. Lots of authors do. But consider the format here. We’re dealing with an epic quest graphic novel series. I mentioned Bone and Amulet earlier and if there’s one thing those stories have in common it’s bad guys that sulk about without so much as a sympathetic hair on their heads. Kid Beowulf is different.

That’s from Elizabeth Bird’s review of the book from her column Fuse 8 at The School Library Journal. It’s a really in-depth review, the sort an author craves because she takes her time with the text and touches on many of the themes and elements I was playing with. Check out the full review for great analysis!

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Alexis E. Fajardo is an Eisner award-winning editor and cartoonist and creator of the action-adventure graphic novel series, Kid Beowulf.