The Kid Beowulf Reader


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“These broadly adapted retellings add a lot of fun and fighting to the basic bones of the classic tales!”
A Parent’s Guide To The Best Kids Comics

Part classroom guide and part historiography, The Kid Beowulf Reader is over 200 pages of fun and insight into the creation of the first trilogy. Featuring in-depth character dossiers, behind-the-scenes process pages, and exclusive artwork this book perfect for fans who want to peek behind the curtain! The Kid Beowulf Reader also features lesson plans and discussion questions for the teachers using Kid Beowulf in class. Developed by education expert Dr. Katie Monnin and aligned to the new Common Core Standards, this guide is sure to become an invaluable resource for teachers, librarians and fans alike!

BW, 7″x9″, 240pgs, ISBN 978-0974600048

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