Book Two

“My son and I read Kid Beowulf at bedtime. He loves the fun cast of characters and colorful art. An entertaining adaptation of the classic epic poem!” – Kazu Kibuishi, author of Amulet

Book Two: The Song of Roland

Giants! Elephants! Roller Coasters? That’s just some of the mayhem twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel discover in their second adventure. Banished from their homeland the brothers seek refuge with their Uncle Holger in far off France, but the kingdom is in shambles: King Charlemagne is ailing; his knights are exiled; and France’s hero, Roland, needs a kick in the pants! It’s up to Beowulf and Grendel to unite the country before it’s taken over by an invading Saracen horde!

Full Color, 276pgs, ISBN 978-1449475901

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