Book Three

“In the grand tradition of Bone, Amulet, and countless other epic quest graphic novels, Fajardo gives us heroes to root for, villains to loathe, and complex characterizations around every turn.” – Betsy Bird, School Library Journal

Book Three: The Rise of El Cid

In their third adventure, twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel meet new friends, fight old foes and are mistaken for ancient gods! They are lost in war-torn Spain, where honor is hard-fought, allegiances are dubious, and the bulls run wild. Amidst it all comes a young knight named Rodrigo, who fights for the name he’s lost, the land he loves, and virtues long forgotten. It’s an action-adventure swashbuckler with a dash of romance set in medieval Spain and inspired by the epic poem, El Cid!

Full Color, 6″x9″, 254pgs ISBN 978-1449493844

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