INTERVIEW – Smash Pages

I’m taking all these disparate elements about the foundation of Rome and spinning it in my own Kid Beowulf fashion. For me that’s looking at the relationship between Romulus and Remus and how that mirrors Beowulf and Grendel. And then throwing in sword and sandals elements as a nod to those great movies like Spartacus and Gladiator. If you’re going to go to Rome, people want to see some of those elements – or at least, I wanted to play around with those tropes. 

– Alexis Fajardo, Smash Pages Q&A

There’s more to this interview I did recently with Alex Deuben at SMASH PAGES.

Interview – Blockhead Podcast

I was recently a guest on the excellent podcast BLOCKHEAD – a Peanuts Tribute podcast hosted by cartoonist, professor, and podcaster, Geoff Grogan. I’ve been enjoying Geoff’s podcast since it began earlier this year; he really knows his stuff about comics history and Schulz’s place in it so I was excited to be asked to join him in conversation. We had a ton to talk about and it’s a lively discussion. LISTEN PART 1  LISTEN PART 2



I had a great time chatting comics on a recent edition of Comic Lab (the most excellent podcast about webcomics, hosted by Dave (Drive) Kellett and Brad (Evil Inc.) Guigar.

I’ve been listening to Comic Lab since it began a year or so ago (usually while I’m at the drawing board), so it was a real treat to be a guest. We covered a lot of ground in this episode, from my day job at the Schulz Studio to my night job on Kid Beowulf, to figuring out whether I should do my own patreon or not. Ultimately, Dave and Brad inspired me to relaunch my page, so I’m taking a lot of the suggestions they offered in the episode and putting them into my newly relaunched patreon. Anyway, give the show a listen – it’s a fun one!

INTERVIEW – Press Democrat

“Beowulf,” an epic poem written roughly a thousand years ago in Old English — a language that is quite different from the modern-day version we use — has been adapted many times whether in film, on television, as an opera, a stage play and even new novels inspired by the original.

But it’s safe to say that Santa Rosa cartoonist Alexis Fajardo brings something new to the ancient tale, created by an anonymous Anglo-Saxon poet, of the Scandinavian hero Beowulf’s battle against the monster known as Grendel.

There’s a bunch more about me and KidB. from a recent article that ran in our local newspaper the Press Democrat. You can read the entire article here. My thanks to reporter Dan Taylor and photographer Christopher Chung for their interest in my work.