ZONK! – Comics in Peru


Kid Beowulf has had an interesting relationship with Peru.  Back in 2012 I was invited to Lima to be part of Mundo Viñeta – an international comics festival where I gave a presentation on my work and taught a few classes to aspiring cartoonists.  The festival was put on by an organization called ICPNA (Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano) and if you search hard enough you may even find a few articles about my visit.  I had an amazing time and left Peru with a greater appreciation of the country, its people, and its rich history.

So I shouldn’t have been surprised when a cartoonist friend, Benjamin Ilka, contacted me a few months ago to be a part of his latest comics educational project that just happened to be in Peru – it seems he heard about my visit.  Ben has been teaching comics in Peru for about a year or so and asked me to be a part of comic book he was putting together for students and teachers.  I was happy to oblige with an interview and a few pages from Shild and the Dragon for an activity in the book.  The project turned out well – it’s a 60 page book chock full of comics from students, along with a variety of exercises and comics theory for teaching comics in the classroom.

The cover and inside page of ZONK!
A sample of one of the student comics from the book – some good looking work here!
My interview in the pages of ZONK!
And the activity sheet, featuring a few pages from “Shild and the Dragon!”

Ben reported back that there was a Zonk! book release party recently at the Cusco ICPNA where students began using my pages for the word balloon activity.  Zonk! is only just being distributed but there is a ton of excitement and I am happy to be a part of comics and Peru all over again!

Student_002 Student_003