Shild and the Dragon


This is Shild.  If you’ve read Kid Beowulf and the Blood-Bound Oath then he might look familiar – he’s Hrothgar’s and Holger’s father.  In the book he’s old, tired, grizzled, and only has one hand; he’s in his last days and is desperately trying to leave his kingdom to his heirs: peaceful and in one piece.  Shild wasn’t always a king and the story I’m working on now takes us back to more carefree days when he was a simple hunter in Daneland with no ambition beyond a good meal and mug of mead.


This is Esher.  He also makes an appearance in Blood-Bound Oath as Shild’s sage advisor and then again for Hrothgar when he’s king.  Esher dabbles in light magic and herbal medicines and when we meet him he’s young and on the hunt for an elusive root that grows only in Daneland.  Through the course of the story Esher and Shild become friends.


This is the Dragon, who in Blood-Bound Oath is Beowulf and Grendel’s grandfather.  In that story he’s old and wise and only has one eye – in the story I’m working on he’s not quite as wise and clearly has two eyes.


I always wanted to tell the story of how Shild lost his arm and the Dragon lost his eye, so Shild and the Dragon is that tale and the first in a series of short stories featuring secondary characters from the KidB. universe.  I’ve got the script written and I’ve started to pencil some pages, the sketches you see here are from my sketchbook where I test out ideas and character designs.  My hope for this story is to make it fun and action-packed and lay in some foundational back-story to the monsterslayer mythos I play with throughout the Kid Beowulf series.  Stay tuned for progress on the story!