REVIEW – A Romp Through Epic Poetry

SOR_Review_SpotThis review by Jason B. Jones originally ran on the GeekDad sub-site of – way back in October of 2010, upon the release of Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland.  I was happy to see it return to the web and thought I’d re-post it here.  Jason had some nice things to say about the series…

The books revel in the placenames and proper names of epic poetry. There’s lots of discussion of Heathobards, Geats, and Danes, and of the Saracens and Franks. At the same time, the books largely avoid the excesses of Thor-speak. There are a fair number of outbursts such as “By Woden,” or “Odin’s eye” for local color–in other words, exactly the sort of thing that a kid might enjoy picking up….The books are positioned clearly as a gateway drug to the classics, and do a good job of it.

You can read the rest of Jason’s review (and get his son’s opinion on the books) here.  And if you’d like catch up on the latest adventure, Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland is currently running four days a week at GoComics!