PREVIEW – Paladins Tale

I’m excited to announce a new short story debuting today called, Paladins Tale!  I teased the story awhile back when I was still in the throes of penciling and inking but had to put the story on hold while I worked on the KidB mobile game.  Now though, I’m happy to report the story is done and I really like how this one turned out!  Here’s the cover…Part of the Kid Beowulf Eddas series, Paladins Tale is a short story that takes place during the events of book two, The Song of Roland.  There is a one page sequence in the book when Ogier the Dane tells his nephews, Beowulf and Grendel how he and the other Peers were betrayed, ambushed, and eventually thrown in prison for high treason.

Ogier’s retelling from Kid Beowulf: The Song of Roland

I wanted to write the story of how the Peers broke out of prison and went into exile together.  Paladins Tale opens after Ganelon has locked each Peer away in separate prisons across Francia.  Through the course of the story we watch each Peer contrives to bust out in his own inimitable fashion.  The story is 45 pages full of daring escapes, bar-room brawls, high adventure, and beautiful colors by Jose Flores.

The story begins online today, at the newly revamped GoComics and will run four days a week through March.  On January 24th it will be available to download as a full issue on Comixology and Kindle and to order as a print version through Amazon.  I will also have copies available to purchase at conventions, beginning this weekend at Lumacon in Petaluma, California.

Below is a preview of the first five pages.  Enjoy!

Paladins Tale is a great companion to Kid Beowulf: The Song of Roland and gives us even more backstory on some of my favorite characters, and with the newly colored Roland debuting in March, it’s the perfect segue into that big adventure.  You can subscribe to Kid Beowulf at GoComics for the rest of the story, and find it at Comixology, Kindle, and Amazon! Finally, here’s a trailer…