Preview – Lookin’ For Lingonberries!

The new short story I did for the Kid Beowulf mobile game Lookin’ For Lingonberries is now available to read in full this month at GoComics and Comixology!

Issue Synopsis: When 12-year-old Beowulf dreams of lingonberries the only thing to do is go and look for some, but what he finds is a whole mess of trouble! Can Beowulf survive a day out in the wild or will he and his pig Hama become a Heathobard’s breakfast?  

This story takes place shortly after the events of book one and explains why the Heathobards, Emer and Ermlaf hold such a grudge against Beowulf and Grendel.  Check out the preview pages below…

lingonberry001 lingonberry002You can read the rest of the story four days a week through December at GoComics or hop over to Comixology and download the full issue right now!  And don’t forget: the incredibly clever and highly addictive mobile game is also available to download at iTunes and Googleplay FOR FREE.  It’s a festivus miracle.