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Kid Beowulf is a gateway drug to the classics! –

Inspired by the epic poem BEOWULF, Kid Beowulf is an action-adventure series that follows the journey of 12-year-old twin brothers, Beowulf and Grendel, as they travel to distant lands and meet fellow epic heroes therein!

The series is written and drawn by cartoonist, Alexis E. Fajardo.

Book one in the series, Kid Beowulf and the Blood-Bound Oath, is inspired by the epic poem BEOWULF, it is an origin story and explains how and why Beowulf and Grendel became twin brothers.  The story begins with Beowulf and Grendel’s grandfather, Hrothgar, when he’s a young prince and we follow him as an impetuous youth. Hrothgar makes enemies, he falls in love, discovers a dragon, and eventually leads his land to ruin from the bad decisions he’s made and the oaths he has broken.  The only thing that can save Hrothgar years later is a family he’s forgotten and heroes not yet born!

The first book in the series sets up the adventures of Beowulf and Grendel who eventually decide to trek out of their homeland of Daneland and into the wide world beyond…

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Book two in the series, Kid Beowulf and the Song of Roland, is inspired by the French epic poem, THE SONG OF ROLAND, it is an action-adventure story and follows Beowulf and Grendel into France.  While there the brothers discover a country in peril: King Charlemagne is ailing, his knights have been exiled, and the hero Roland needs a kick in the pants.  Filled with giants, elephants, and roller-coasters, this swashbuckling adventure takes Beowulf and Grendel on wild ride where it’s up to them to find the exiled knights, heal Charlemagne, and rally the country before it’s taken over by an invading Saracen horde!

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Book three in the series, Kid Beowulf and the Rise of El Cid, is inspired by the Spanish epic poem, EL CANTAR DE MIO CID, it is a romantic-adventure story and follows Beowulf and Grendel into Spain.   While there the brothers encounter old foes, are mistaken for ancient gods, and must save a lost princess, all while a young knight named, Rodrigo must contend with his own challenges in the fractured country of Spain, where allegiances are dubious, honor is hard-fought and the bulls run wild!

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