Lumacon Shop Talk 2018

This past weekend Lumacon kicked off the 2018 comic convention season for me. Based in Petaluma, California and put on my enthusiastic teachers, librarians, and students, Lumacon is the little comics-convention that could and a fun single-day event featuring local cartoonists, authors, and cosplayers. The genius of Lumacon is the organizers invite young amateur cartoonists to table alongside pros creating a very communal and inspiring event for all in attendance. There are cosplay parades, panels, and bake-sales!

Speaking of panels, I was on one with friend and fellow cartoonist, Brian Fies. The topic was “Inspiration vs. Perspiration” and the chat ranged from our influences to finding our style to a general “shop-talk.” It was moderated by one of the show’s key organizers Nathan Libecap and we even had a surprise mystery guest join us halfway through the panel. I recorded it and you can listen below – I missed the Nathan’s glowing introduction and the audio picks up just as Brian talks about this early start as a cartoonist. Brian also did a nice review of Lumacon at his own site with all sorts of good photos.