KidB. Patreon


This month I launched a Patreon page and thus began an exciting, new, altruistic experiment! First tho’: What is Patreon (pronounced “pay-tree-on”)?  It’s similar to Kickstarter but instead of funding just one project within a finite amount of time, Patreon helps fund ongoing projects over an infinite amount of time.  In effect, if you enjoy the work I do, then you can become a patron of it and your support will help me produce more comics.  I’ll continue to write, draw, and pay for all the ins and outs of comic creation as I’ve been doing for the last 10 years, but with Patreon you can help out a little bit too – think of it as a monthly tip-jar.

The biggest ongoing project is the colorization of the books.  I have an assistant who has been helping me “flat” the pages – flatting is the first stage in coloring, he fills in all the shapes with random colors, after which I re-color the pages to be on-model.  This also gives me an opportunity to clean up the artwork or tweak some of the dialogue. These pages are then released online – most notably on GoComics  (there are plans to eventually print color editions, but that’s down the road).  Here’s an example of the flats and then my final colors afterward…



Coloring the books is a big job and it can get expensive; the nice thing about Patreon is with your help I can defray some of those costs.

There are a variety of pledge levels to choose from and every little bit helps. Pledge levels are:

  • $ .50 a month
  • $1 a month
  • $3 a month
  • $5 a month
  • $10 a month

So for less than cup of coffee a month, you could help make good comics! And like public radio, each pledge level grants a reward as well as access to the Kid Beowulf Patreon Blog where I’ll upload new artwork and process pages which only patrons will get to see.

The best part is, if you become my patron you’ll instantly get that warm glow inside that only comes from being an altruistic person supporting the arts and you’ll look and feel just like this dude:


So go and rock out at the Kid Beowulf Patreon Page!