2012 KidB. Kickstarter


2012 was the year of the KidB. Kickstarter to fund the third book in the series Kid Beowulf and the Rise of El Cid!  The month-long campaign during November was a lot of work, but with the generous support of fans (both old and new), we were able to reach our goal and get book three printed.

Running a Kickstarter is like having a third job and I learned a lot during the course of the campaign.  I tried to develop a strategy that would take advantage of the online social media space to promote the kickstarter and I also made sure I promoted it in the real-world as well. Between doing weekly podcasts, press interviews, emailing EVERYONE I KNOW, and doing book signings every weekend, I was able to generate the funding  for book three.  It could not have been done without the generous support of my backers – and not just the people who pledged money – but those who helped in myriad other ways: creating videos, sharing the project with their friends, tweeting about it, writing articles, doing podcasts, creating pin-up art, inviting me to their stores, and telling their neighbors and their pets.

Lex chats up the Kickstarter at Schulz Museum signing in Santa Rosa, CA.
Lex chats up the Kickstarter at a Schulz Museum signing in Santa Rosa, CA.

Here are links to a couple of interviews and articles that ran online during the kickstarter month:

The Kickstand with Brigid Alverson and Comic Book Resources

The LA Examiner with Meg Fitzroy

Tall Tale Radio with Tom Racine


Kid Beowulf and the Rise of El Cid was shipped to the printers in February 2013 and arrived on my doorstep eight weeks later.  The goal was to make book three look as sharp as the first two books in the series (originally published by Bowler Hat Comics). I was to discover that the new printers did a terrific job matching the quality of the original books. The Kid Beowulf trilogy is handsome set of books that can sit proudly on anyone’s book shelf.

The main goal of the kickstarter was to secure funding for book three, and it took most of the month to reach that goal, but we had enough time left over to go for a stretch goal, which was to create The Kid Beowulf Reader: A Handbook for Teaching, Reading, and Enjoying the First Trilogy. Written by myself and Katie Monnin, the guide is comprehensive historiography of KidB. as well as a teacher’s guide developed for the new Common Core guidelines.  The book is full color and clocks in at 150+ pages. All backers of the kickstarter will receive a free PDF copy, after which the digital version of the book will be made available for purchase.


Since Kid Beowulf and the Rise of El Cid debuted this spring all the backers of the kickstarter have received their rewards and have been giving the book high-praise.  I have been taking the KidB. Trilogy on the road for book signings, comic conventions, panels, and bookstores and I’ve got a few more left to do in 2013.  As daunting as the kickstarter was to do, it was a terrific experience and it has given Kid Beowulf a needed boost, both creatively and financially.  The kickstarter has given me all sorts of ideas how to market and share the series and I look forward to bringing you the further adventures of Kid Beowulf!

Though the project has ended, the KidB. Kickstarter page is still up and can be viewed by anyone, there is a lot to discover including videos, exclusive pin-up art, articles, and updates. So take a look and be on your toes for the next kickstarter adventure!