Humane Society Vehicle Wraps

If you live in Sonoma County (about a half-hour north of San Francisco) be on the lookout for a fleet of bright, colorful, and cartoon adorned vans traveling up and down 101 North – they’re the outreach vehicles for the Sonoma Humane Society and feature designs by yours truly!

Lex with vanThis is a project I’ve been working on since the early part of the year and now that the vans are done, I thought I’d mention it here. The Executive Director of the humane society was familiar with my work and had a wild idea to transform their outreach vehicles from boring white to something more eye-catching.  Our plan was to engage the community with the humane society and get them thinking about the animals and all the humane society does for them.

A look at the original SHS “blank canvas” vans.

I decided to take the SHS logo, which featured a dog, a rabbit, and a cat in stately profile, and use those animals as the starting point to came up with unique mascots who would play out the various scenes on the vans.


There were two vans and one trailer that needed to be wrapped; each van was to highlight a different center of the humane society and then a very Sonoma County scene (biking near a vineyard or relaxing by a river).


The trailer had four sides and the challenge was to show the different services the human society offered and to tell a story about what an animal goes through when it comes in SHS’s care. In this case I decided to show the story of the big dog, who the cat and the rabbit find alongside the road in the rain…


 The cat and rabbit take the dog to the humane society where he gets good medical treatment, some grooming…

IMG_9384And where he gets training too…

IMG_7081The back of the van shows the trio taking flight in a hot-air balloon, waving to the other animals as they spread the good word about the humane society.


The vans averaged about 10 feet long and 6 feet tall – I’ve never actually worked on anything at that scale before and was a little worried about how the artwork would turn out. I’m happy to report the vans turned out great.  My thanks to the Sonoma Humane Society for all their help and enthusiasm for this project. Give the vans a honk when you see them on the road!