Dragon’s Diorama

IMG_9114I was thrilled to get this photo from a young fan: a diorama of Hrothgar in the Dragon’s cave from Kid Beowulf and the Blood-Bound Oath!  This was created by seven-year-old, Malichy, who, according to his mother, has read each book at least a dozen times and is prone to exclaim “Holy Loki” or “Odin’s Eye” at the dinner table.  I love Malichy’s attention to detail: Hrothgar stands proud, the Dragon is peeking at him from behind a pile of gold, and Nagling is in the corner asking to be picked up. He even added Hrothgar’s props: the torch, rope, and axe!  It’s terrific – great job, Malichy!

IMG_9080Malichy, researching for his next project.