Another Fire Story

So you may have heard in the news that Santa Rosa, California, has had a really bad week.

It began early last Monday morning, when a wild fire sparked by a mixture of high winds, downed power lines, and dry California brush swept through the North Bay (in some places it’s still going).  It’s been a traumatic experience for all those involved, near and far; some people have lost their lives and lots have lost their homes.  A lot of folks have suffered.  At the moment, we are relieved the danger has finally passed.

My friend and fellow cartoonist, Brian Fies, lost his home and he did a heart-breaking comic about it which you can read here. I highly recommend it.

At the time the fires started I was half-a-world-away on a business trip in Tokyo, Japan, with my wife, blissfully unaware of any danger taking place in my hometown. In fact, it was reading Brian’s 3am post on Facebook (7PM in Japan) that made me realize this was no ordinary brush fire.

This one was serious and we had to get back home.

This is that story.

If you’d like to help victims of the fire, please consider a donation to the Redwood Empire Food Bank or the North Bay Fire Relief Fund, both organizations are doing good work to rebuild our community.